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The Talon is a new and innovative hands free safety tool created by ADAMAR Industries. This tool is built with precision and quality in the USA. With it's unique dual hook design, users can quickly and easily grab, hook, push, pull and pick without putting hands on objects or near areas where cut, pinch and crush hazards exist. Grab, pull and position chain, wire rope, rebar, rope, pipe, tubulars, beams, wire mesh and more... The Talon is a tough, lightweight and compact no-touch safety tool that keeps workers hands and fingers away from hazards. The Talon dual hook is easily installed and assembled with a 3/8 stainless steel cap screw and the provided 5/16 inch allen wrench. The Talon has found use in the precast concrete manufacturing industry for rebar mesh and prefabricated rebar forms that are put into molds. It has also proven useful in oil industry on drill rigs for picking elevator latches to avoid hand and finger injuries. The Talon's dual hook design allows for hooking on one side and more of a pick style hook on the other, giving the user more versatility.

Features and Benefits

- Strong, durable and easy to use

- 350MM long

- Lightweight and super tough 

- No fingers or hands near dangerous pinch, crush and cut points 

- Laser cut & galvanized steel dual hooks

- Precision CNC aluminium manufacturing

- Hook, pick, push and pull with one hand safety tool

- Easy one bolt assembly 

- Made in U.S.A.