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Shove-It keeps workers from having to touch or be very close to a suspended load while still giving them the ability to guide and control the load. Putting hands on a suspended load and using your body to push, guide or steer the load is DANGEROUS. The Shove-It no-touch, hands-free safety tool is the perfect choice for positioning most any large, heavy and potentially hazardous parts, equipment, containers, pipe, beams and more.

The Shove-It is patented and designed to handle challenging work environments like ship yards, drill rigs, loading sea freight and much more. Shove-It comes in many lengths and with or without the shovel style handle.

Features and Benefits
Reduce employee exposure to accidents and serious injuries
Light weight, super strong and easy to use
Electrically insulated
Push against round and flat materials
"V" shaped head contours tubulars and corners
3 inserts to choose from: Rubber, Plastic or Aluminum
Push force max: 600 LBS Pull force max: 350 LBS
No slip 4" hand grips on longer models
Dedicated tethering point for working at heights
Shovel style handle option
High visibility orange color
Weather, oil and chemical resistant