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Magna-Grab is a multi-purpose, multi-use magnetic tool with many uses and applications. It is currently successfully used in applications where steel material is being hoisted overhead without ideal points for a tag line or tether. Magna-Grab provides a portable solution with a solid grip to any steel material with at least 100mm to 150mm" of space for attachment.

Magna-Grab is also a great solution for work areas and environments where long reach object retrieval is required. Examples include but are not limited to oil rigs, drill rigs, large tanks/vats, utility vaults, manholes, trenches, pits, shafts and more. Magna-Grab comes with an eye bolt in the handle so that our tag lines can be attached and Magna-Grab can be lowered down for retrieval of dropped steel objects 45kg or less.

Magna-Grab has been used as a magnetic material handling and pick up tool in many industries. Magna-Grab allows a user to keep hands and fingers away from sharp or heavy objects and dangerous crush and pinch points. The possibilities are endless.

Features and Benefits
Strong, durable and easy to use
Lightweight and super tough (1.3kg)
No fingers or hands near dangerous pinch points
Precision CNC aluminium manufacturing
Over 230kg of magnetic pull force!
Easy to attach almost anywhere, push sideways on handle to remove.
Use as a portable magnetic tag line anchor point
Use as a long reach, dropped object magnetic retrieval tool
Use as a hand safety no-touch magnetic material handling tool
Optional tag lines available in many different lengths