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Tag lines have been used to help control suspended loads for quite some time. We believe it is important to use quality rope that gives the user a good grip and feel when controlling a suspended load. That is why our tag lines are constructed out of 1/2 inch double braided polyester rope, Made in the U.S.A. If the tag line is too thin or made out of slick material (polypropylene) it can easily slide or slip in a gloved hand. This sometimes encourages a person to wrap the rope around their hand to keep a solid grip, which is COMPLETELY WRONG and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Our new patent pending aluminum tag line tip makes this tag line rope more durable and gives more versatility and adaptability when it comes to changing attachment devices (snap hooks, carabiner etc.) Our tag line ropes have been tested to withstand loads of more than 1000 pounds. We do not rate our ropes with a WLL and they should never be used to lift/support overhead lifting of loads or used for suspending human life. Our tag line ropes are intended for guiding and controlling suspended loads.

Features and Benefits

- Strong and easy to grip 1/2 inch double braided polyester cover with polyester core

- Proprietary aluminum eyelet tip for maximum durability & versatility

- 800 LB WLL snap hook included

- UV, mildew and rot resistant

- Color coded & marked with rope length

- Comes in 3MTR; 8MTR; 16MTR & 23MTR lengths

- Custom lengths available upon request

- Works perfectly with our Magna-Grab tool

- Made in U.S.A.